DANIEL SMITH 24 Color Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set in a Metal Box


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24 Color HAND POURED Watercolor Half Pan Set in a Metal Box is a robust collection of colors, filled with useful and beautiful DANIEL SMITH Watercolors ready to capture any landscape; urban, suburban, mountain, field, forest, floral in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! The set has expanded (cool, warm and special) primary colors, gorgeous secondary greens, core earth colors plus a neutral gray that allow endless color combinations ready for painting anything, anywhere! There is a minimum color mixing of each color to each of the others of 552 colors, and endless color mixing potential when adjusting the ratios between color to color, water to paint, even more color mixes when adding a third color! ncluded with the set is a waterproof acetate map of the colors, their properties and location in the box. Plus, the set includes a BONUS extra black Metal Box (with the DANIEL SMITH logo) with 24 empty half pans ready for filling with your favorite DANIEL SMITH watercolors and build an additional, customized palette! The 24 DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors in the set are: Buff Titanium Hansa Yellow Light Quinacridone Gold Hansa Yellow Deep Pyrrol Scarlet Permanent Alizarin Crimson Quinacridone Rose Ultramarine Blue Cerulean Blue, Chromium Phthalo Blue (GS) Cobalt Turquoise Phthalo Green (BS) Sap Green Perylene Green Undersea Green Raw Sienna Light Yellow Ochre Goethite (Brown Ochre) Indian Red Quinacridone Burnt Orange Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Raw Umber Jane’s Grey


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