Daniel Smith Jean Haines’ Green with Envy Set of 6 Watercolor Tubes


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This newest set of six gorgeous green watercolors was created by Jean Haines, internationally-renowned watercolorist and best-selling author. Click each color to learn more about its properties.
Mixing the perfect shade of green is something some artists spend their whole
lives trying to master. These colours, chosen by Jean Haines, offer you the
pure, pigmented power of Daniel Smith Watercolours that will transform your artwork.
Set contains 6 x 5ml tubes: Phthalo Green(BS), Undersea Green, Serpentine Geniune, Jadeite Genuine & Green Apatite Genuine
I’m an artist that has always mixed my own green shades, but not anymore, now that I’ve discovered this fabulous DANIEL SMITH range of shades that will have many artists green with envy. With each amazing green jewel, you’ll discover how your art can be transformed. Leap into my world of exciting colour and allow your art to shine!”


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