Pebeo Studio XL Fine Oil Colour Set of 40x20ml


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Pebeo XL Fine Oils are developed with the same precision as extra fine oils and are perfect for professional artists, mixed-media artists and hobby artists
Pebeo studio xl oil colour set of 40 colours includes:Iridescent Orange Yellow, Iridescent Red Blue, Iridescent Blue Green, Iridescent Violet Blue, Iridescent Parma Blue, Iridescent Green Yellow, Glaze Payne’s Grey, Glaze Terra Rossa, Titanium White, Vivid White, Bright Yellow, Primary Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Cadmium Light Red Hue, Vivid Red, Magenta, Crimson, Bright Pink, Vivid Pink, Cobalt Violet Light, Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue Hue, Primary Phthalo Blue, Bright Blue, Vivid Turquoise, Bright Green, English Light Green, Sap Green, Chartreuse Yellow, Ivory, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Red Ochre, Burnt Umber, Neutral Grey, Payne’S Grey, Ivory Black.
It can be suitable for many surfaces like canvas, cardboard, wood, paper. dry to touch in 3-6 days for an average application. Allow 6-9 months of drying before varnishing work.
Pebeo studio oil colour suitable for all techniques, from glazes to thick layers and of course, be used in conjunction with popular oil painting mediums and auxiliaries.


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