Rotring 800+ Premium Hybrid Pencil with Touchscreen Stylus


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Premium Hybrid Mechanical Pencil + Stylus, Combining Both Modes At The Same End With A Unique Retractable Mechanism. Unique “Twist And Click“ Retractable Mechanism Of The Entire Sleeve And Lead: Pocket Safe + Durability. Retract The Pencil And Use The Stylus Without The Hassle Of Turning The Tool Around. Its All On The Same End.
Hexagonal Barrel Ensuring Fatigue-Free Writing And Drawing. Shaped To Prevent The Tool From Sliding When Laid Down On Tables.
Non-Slip Metal Knurled Grip Stylus – Precision Stylus Tip For High Accuracy, Control And Speed. 100% Effective At Every Angle. Soft Tip Glides Smoothly And Is Compatible With All Capacitive Touchscreens Mechanical Pencil – Rotring Brass Mechanism For Precision Lead Advancement.
Fixed Lead Guidance Sleeve Preventing Break And Offering An Unimpeded View Of The Page For Precise Ruler-Based Drawing. Built-In Eraser Under The Push-Button Cap. Refillable. Preinstalled With High-Polymer Hb Lead.
Sold Individually In The New Rotring Triangular Packaging. Iconic Rotring Red Circle Below The Eraser.


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